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Captain Of The Tailgate - The Best Food

If the new section on the left-side menu didn't give it away then the fancy branding does. We've got ourselves another new sponsor/running feature here on Battle Red Blog.

SB Nation has teamed up with Captain Morgan's to drum up some tailgating talk once a week in hopes that you'll buy more rum to help make Sundays much easier learn something that will make you the "Captain of the Tailgate." With the Houston tailgaters regularly being called the best or among the top-five in the NFL, what better blog to do that on than BRB? None, I tell ya.

Last week, we kicked around "The Best Drink," so let's talk the "Best Food" this week. I'm a big believer that burgers are king of tailgate fare because they are A) relatively quick to cook B) easy to eat on the move or standing and C) can be adjusted to different tastes with condiments and toppings. A 80/20 beef patty cooked to medium-rare/medium is simple and perfect.

If burgers are the best then these are two of the better burgers I have ever had in a parking lot: Pizza Burger and Black and Blue Burger. These aren't the actual recipes of the burgers I ate/cooked, but they'll get you started in the right direction.

What does your mouth water for...aside from lunch later today. Speaking of mouth-watering, our friend First Mate Marisa Miller waits after the jump.