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Bob McNair: Kubiak is Doing a Good Job

<em><strong>"As long as you fans keep  buying season tickets and selling out that stadium, .500 is just fine with me!"</strong></em>
"As long as you fans keep buying season tickets and selling out that stadium, .500 is just fine with me!"

Some quotes that the Fire Kubiak bandwagon may find interesting in the paper this morning from team owner Bob McNair...

On firing Kubiak:

"That’s not how we run this ship. Gary’s doing a good job. Replacing him doesn’t help you catch more balls. You’re always going to be criticized if you don’t win every game. That’s just part of it. If you win, the criticism goes away. I think he’s doing fine. He’s not out there making the blocks and catching the ball, and that’s what hurt us. If you replace the coach, will it be easier for the guy who missed the block to make it? I don’t think so. If he was making bad decisions, if he wasn’t managing the team and if the players weren’t playing hard, that would be cause for concern. But our players are playing hard."

On making the playoffs:

"We have to look at it on the basis of what is our team doing and how do we go about improving our chances to be in the playoffs? That’s what we focus on. I’m disappointed we didn’t win Sunday because we certainly could have. That’s the bad news. The good news is we’re 4-4, and we’re one game out of first place with half the season ahead of us."

On the unhappiness of the fans:

"We haven’t missed the playoffs. I don’t know why they’re upset at this point. … We’ve got a long way to go. Indianapolis lost Sunday. We still have Jacksonville and Tennessee to play twice. That’s going to determine the outcome. We’ve got to win these division games."

On the Texans' atrocious defense:

"I think once we get our defense playing a little better, it’ll take pressure off our offense, and our offense is one of the best in the league. I think our defense will improve. I think we have a lot to look forward to during the second half of the season."

I'm no universal translator or anything, but a lot of this to me sounds like it can be translated to ".500 will keep Gary employed." And it sounds like Frank Bush will get to stay until at least the end of the season. Not that this is just killed the microscopic ray of hope I had left...