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Sprint Game Ball Of The Week: Arian Foster

This post is sponsored by Sprint.

While it's tempting to award this imaginary game ball to Andre Johnson for a performance that was cut short on Sunday, there was another player whose effort has sort of been lost in the whole 'Dre-Innegan kerfuffle. 218 yards from scrimmage--to say nothing of how fantastic this guy has been all season--makes this a very easy call.

Last Sunday, Arian Foster had 30 carries for 143 yards and 9 catches for 75 yards. Your Houston Texans, as a team, posted 346 net yards of offensive output (188 rushing and 158 yards (178 yards gross, minus Matt Schaub getting sacked twice) passing). Thus, if my math is right--always a poor assumption--Arian Foster accounted for 76.1% of the Texans' rushing yards, 47.5% of the Texans' net receiving yards, 42.1% of the Texans' gross receiving yards, and...wait for it...63% of the Texans' total net offensive performance.

Yeah, I'd say that deserves a fictional award. I'd also suggest you people get ahead of the curve and start naming (or better yet, re-naming) your kids "Arian" as well, but that's your decision to make.

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