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Sponsored Post: Vicks--Who Powered Through--The Least Durable Players In Team History

Fans tend to judge players on their performance first and foremost. If someone is hurt, and they still continue to get out there week after week, it's something that needs to be documented and applauded. That said, here are a list of the least durable players in Texans history, as measured by how little they've actually played for the team. Excluding kickers and punters, of course, since they aren't real people, and players that never played in the league at all.

Essentially, this is a list of people who should be using more Vicks products. 

1) Tony Boselli -- This stalwart offensive tackle was the key to Dom Capers and Charley Casserly's plans to start a dynasty in Houston, and after three incredible seasons including one where a David Carr-led team appeared in the Super Bowl, fans were ripped back into reality as he never played a single down for the Texans.

2) Bennie Joppru -- The former Michigan standout was drafted in 2003, and managed to play just one game for the club before being let go in 2006. On the bright side, he's definitely the best player to ever have the surname Joppru.

3) Dave Ragone -- Louisville's star quarterback was drafted in the third round in 2003, as the Texans obviously had all their holes accounted for. He started two games, completing 50% of his passes and getting picked off once, before his career ended. He now hosts a radio show in Lousiville.

4) Charles Spencer - Ol' Barbaro's career was crushed by a devastating leg injury just two games into his career. He's on Twitter though, and he seems nice and friendly. If only Vicks could create a cure for devastating leg injuries, he'd be in business.

5) Anthony Hill - He was recently taken off PUP, but this is now something along the lines of 3 ACL tears for Hill since college, plus that bout with Swine Flu, which he undoubtedly cured solely by chugging Vicks night and day*. The only active player on this list, Hill will have to get better and break Kubiak's eleven tight-end stronghold to cure the ignominy of being lumped together with the rest of this group in draft bust heaven. 

*-in prescribed doses.

And yes, I know technically Jamaal Lord should be here. I didn't want to pick on late rounders.