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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Texans Injuries/Inactives

Somehow, I can't think of a better sponsor for a Texans blog than Absolut. Together with Captain Morgan, we are two-thirds of the way to a fair representation of things Texans fans will be chugging before, during, and after the game. Clorox, come on now! First week is free!

While we won't know the inactives until the actual time of game, there isn't a lot of suspense this week. The Texans ruled out Garrett Graham, and he was the only Texan player in any danger of missing the game tomorrow. Owen Daniels will, finally, be back on the field. He'll probably see time behind Joel Dreessen at first, but that may change as the game goes on. Either way, Graham probably won't be missed too much.

Mario Williams and Andre Johnson were both limited on Friday, but only because the Texans don't flat-out lie on their injury reports. They'll be active. TE Todd Heap is the big inactive for Monday's game on the Ravens side. That would make Ed Dickson the Texan-burning TE du jour. CB Fabian Washington didn't practice Friday, and is listed as questionable. CB LaDarius Webb was limited on Friday and given the probable tag. If either of those corners can't go, things might get ugly in the Baltimore secondary. Assuming that Matt Schaub actually has time to throw the ball, I mean.

Feel free to watch the Raiders-Jaguars game and marvel at how it's likely that one of those teams will make the playoffs, then reflect on how sad it is that the Texans aren't taking advantage of this down year in the AFC South by consuming some Absolut. But only if you remember to ENJOY WITH ABSOLUT RESPONSIBILITY®

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