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Sponsored Post: Vicks--Who Powered Through--The Most Durable Players In Team History

Fans tend to judge players on their performance first and foremost. If someone is hurt, and they still continue to get out there week after week, it's something that needs to be documented and applauded. That said, here are a list of the most durable players in Texans history, as measured by how many chances they had to start and how many games they actually did. Excluding kickers and punters, of course, since they aren't real people.

On with the list of players who have eaten their Wheaties in a bowl of Vicks*:

1) Mario Williams -- To date, Mario has started every game of his career despite playing through tremendous pain this season, as well as the last one. He's also thrown in 17.5 sacks just for good measure. Clearly, he is the sum of all Texans fans problems and should be traded for Walter Thurmond III.

2) Chris Myers -- Say what you will about how poorly he played last season (and I have!) but he gutted up through the same high ankle sprain that we're currently gushing all over Andre Johnson for playing through. He didn't even miss a game with it. He'd laugh at Andre Johnson's toughness for not playing in the Oakland game, but he has a pressing matter to deal with--washing the grass and urine stains off his pants after Monday's encounter with Haloti Ngata.

3) Bernard Pollard -- Another player who has started every game he possibly could have since he was placed on the active roster. I would praise him more, but I believe he's just given up a touchdown to Any Tight End In The NFL. Now I believe he is going to aggressively help me finish writing this post by driving a helmet into my stomach.

4) Jamie Sharper -- The original defensive cap'n, Sharper started 16/16 in all of the first three Texans seasons before he was unceremoniously cut by Charley Casserly. He finished with 301 tackles, 11.5 sacks, and some of the best dreadlocks in team history. 

5) Antonio Smith -- He's missed one start in 29 Texans games, and he played in that game anyway. He also wears cool ninja masks and is generally underappreciated by Texans fans for his pass-rushing abilities. Also:  Absolutely the first person you can count on to give a "we're playoff contenders" quote in the preseason.

*-in prescribed doses. Actually, they probably didn't do this. But it sounds cool, doesn't it