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Thursday Night Football Pre-Game Recon: Bleeding Green Nation Edition (Part II)

If you missed Part I, click here. JasonB from Bleeding Green Nation talks Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb after the jump.

2. Michael Vick's ascension has gotten all the press this season, but your QB2 is a guy many Houstonians are familiar with. What do you see the Eagles doing with Kevin Kolb in the offseason? As a corollary to that question, what do you expect Philadelphia to do with Vick? Long-term deal? Tag? In your opinion, is there any real chance Vick is not an Eagle next year?

BGN: I don't know whether they'll use the tag or work out a long-term deal--I'm sure they'll attempt the latter--but I can't see any way Vick's not an Eagle next year. The guy has exceeded absolutely everyone's expectations and is playing at a level where they just couldn't justify letting him walk. I'm as surprised as anyone, but they have to keep Vick. Plus, from Vick's perspective, you'd have to think that he'd want to stay in Philadelphia.

I like Kevin Kolb. In 5 career starts, he's been named NFC Offensive Player of the Week twice. How many young QBs in this league can say that? None? Donovan McNabb received that honor 4 times in 10 years. Kolb just needs games right now. At this point in his career, there's nothing more he can learn from sitting on the bench, so a trade would really benefit him. That said, not too many teams have a backup QB that they can feel pretty good about stepping in and winning some games. He's shown he can do that for the Eagles. With a guy that takes punishment like Vick as the starter, there's real value in keeping Kolb for another year. Still, I think if they got the right offer, the Eagles would deal Kolb.

Personally, I hold out hope that the Titans cut Rusty Smith this morning, followed by the Eagles signing him immediately, followed by Vick and Kolb being abducted by aliens this afternoon. Foolproof.

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