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Thursday Night Football Pre-Game Recon: Bleeding Green Nation Edition (Part IV)

Jason from Bleeding Green Nation's answers to Questions 1-3 can be found here, here, and here. Beyond the jump, we chat about DeSean Jackson.

3. As I'm sure you've read, the Houston secondary is putrid (don't be fooled by last Sunday's shutout; Rusty Smith was truly horrendous). I think it's safe to say that the majority of Texans fans expect the Eagles offense to write the latest chapter of "There Is No God: The 2010 Houston Texans Defense" (foreword by Frank Bush). That said, what's going on with DeSean Jackson? Only seven catches in his last three games and only one game with more than five catches thus far in 2010, although he does have three 100+ yard receiving days. Does Vick prefer Jeremy Maclin? Has Jackson become a decoy, or will the Eagles make a concerted effort to get him going on Thursday night against the elixir that is the Houston secondary?

BGN: That's the question everyone is asking around here. It's probably not one thing. Teams are playing him really tough right now. He's getting jammed at the line. Like I said earlier, the Bears were playing a safety 25 yards over the top. He's getting double-teamed. Plus, Jackson has been kind of a feast-or-famine player his whole career. He's not an Andre Johnson type WR that you can peg for 6 catches each game. He has monster games sometimes and in others he disappears. He has games where he catches two passes for 120 yards.

Take a look at Weeks 4-6. He caught 5 passes total. Then in the two games after the bye, he racks up a ton of yardage and catches a couple TDs. So if he popped up with a monster game this week, it would surprise no one.

An opposing wide receiver having a monster game against the Houston secondary? That's unpossible!

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