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Open Game Day Thread: Texans @ Eagles - 3rd Quarter

Hmm, so let's recap this game so far.

Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub both have had injury scares.

Dan Orlovsky took a snap.

The defense has gone from bucket with a hole in it (two easy LeSean McCoy touchdowns) to cup with a hole (two field goals).

Michael Vick continues to escape sacks.

Schaub threw an interception...on a screen pass....right to....wait for it....a defensive lineman.

Somehow, your Houston Texans are only down 20-10 to the Philadelphia Eagles. They start the half with the ball, and they are traditionally a second half team. Am I saying there's a chance? I have no idea. Honestly, this game has me confused.

Let's continue the cussin' and confusion!

PS: Cleveland Cavs fans will tell you it could be worse tonight.

PPS: Joe Theismann, you are, without a doubt, the worst NFL commentator I have ever heard. You're worse than Joe Buck, worse than Steve Tasker, and worse than ABC 13's pre-season crew. You are terrible, sir. You are the Eugene Wilson/Brice McCain of NFL announcers.