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Good Feelings Gone: Texans Fall To 5-7, Lose To Eagles 34-24

Not even Arian Foster and Vonta Leach could save us, but they do deserve to go to the Pro Bowl for their 2010 efforts.
Not even Arian Foster and Vonta Leach could save us, but they do deserve to go to the Pro Bowl for their 2010 efforts.

Thursday Night's game seems like the perfect microcosm of Houston Texans football through eight-plus years.

They started out embarrassingly bad as LeSean McCoy and the Philadelphia Eagles offense shredded the defense with ease to run the lead up to 17-3. This poor play was reminiscent of the expansion era days of Charley Casserly and Dom Capers.

Then, Houston slowly started to climb back into it as Jacoby Jones caught a Matt Schaub touchdown which reminded me of the 7-9 2004 season before Schaub threw a terrible interception on a screen pass. The Eagles took a 20-10 lead before halftime which deflated the building hope and left me feeling like I did during 2005's 2-14 season.

After the half, we entered the Gary Kubiak years as Arian Foster led the Houston offense to two touchdowns. The Texans defense even got into it with a beautiful Jason Allen interception. The Texans looked like winners with a 24-20 lead. People were happy and hopeful in the game threads just as we were for last season's 9-7 record.

As has been the story this season, the Houston defense reared its ugly head and the offense stalled. The Eagles roared back with two unanswered touchdowns to take a 34-24 lead. The Texans had opportunities to cut into the 10-point lead late, but the offense couldn't get anything going at all. When it was all said and done, the 2010 Texans lost 34 -24 to the Eagles and fell to 5-7.

Like most Kubiak-led Texans teams, Houston was simply inconsistent. They started slow, heated up, cooled off, and just cannot find that consistent 60-minutes that good teams have. Yes, they could still be a game out of the division lead if Jacksonville and Indianapolis lose loseable games on Sunday, but the Texans would have to reel off four straight wins to make anything happen. It's hard to see this inconsistent team be that consistent.

There are ten days until your Texans play on Monday Night Football, and I know I wish Bob McNair would just hurry up and make the inevitable move of firing Frank Bush. Heck, we could even bring in someone like Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator who would be miles better than Bush. There I go thinking of creative solutions that will never happen again.

The comments are all yours to vent frustration after another terrible loss in a winnable game. Have at it, BRBers.