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Who Powered Through: The Sickest Plays Of 2010

I come here not to praise the 2010 Texans, but to bury them.

This here is a post to look at the best plays we've had this season, while calling them sick, as the kids have been known to do. You see, it's because Vicks helps heal sick people, I am not saying these plays are actually sick, because nobody was sent to the doctor because of them, nor were the plays themselves sent to the doctor. It is because they are colloquially very good plays that happened on the field. So they are sick. Glad we got that out of the way. Behind the jump there are some videos of things that happened. Feel free to pick a favorite play.

You could also call this post "Things Andre Johnson Did," but for the sake of argument, let's try to find one play in each game that the Texans have played so far. That'll be fun at times and sad at others.

1) Arian Foster Singlehandedly Destroys Colts In Week 1 Stunner

If only someone had shown this to Gary Kubiak before the second matchup...


2) Andre Johnson's fourth down catch to send the Texans-Redskins game to overtime:


3) Excuse Me A Minute

Everything else that was sick in this game was mainly related to Kareem Jackson making me want to throw up.

4) Arian Foster Disciplines Raiders

Now that 74-yard run is what I call a team violation.

5) Sherrick McManis' First PIck

At 8:15, Brian Cushing's pressure gave the Texans defense something to hoot and holler about. After they were already down by a lot of points, mind you, but still.

6) Amobi Okoye Seals It With A Sack

Would this be the turning point for the defense after a bye? Haha, yeah right!

7) Andre's Little Floater

At 0:40. It's nice to see Schaub actually loft the ball over people's heads correctly sometimes.

8) In Soviet Russia, Arian Foster Tackles You

At 1:35, Arian Foster bulldozes some poor hapless 'backer on his way to the end zone.

9) Kevin Walter Ties The Game, Avoids Getting Calvin Johnson'd

This one is at 1:30. I think the game ends at this point, not sure if anything else happened.

10) Kevin Bentley's Interception Surely Ends Game

Boy, it almost seems like if you listen to these announcers, the Houston Texans defense should be shot out of a cannon. Or at least their coordinator.

11) Andre Johnson Re-Arranges Cortland Finnegan's Face

Surely this won't win, right? Right.

12) Andre Johnson Casually Dismisses Dmitri Patterson

At 2:27, you can see Mr. Johnson casually inform Mr. Patterson that he'll be catching this ball no matter what coverage he's in.

13) Jacoby Jones Sends Texans To Overtime

Name me one person who expected Jacoby Jones to catch this ball. I'll name you a damn liar.

14) Andre Johnson's Pedestrian TD Catch

This happens at 1:23, and is the only play of the entire game that actually made these highlights in favor of the Texans. So, by default, here you go.

15) Arian Foster Rumbles Down To The Goal Line

(0:06) Of course, when someone is running like that, it only makes sense to not hand the ball off to them in the second half at all.