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Coaching Rumors: A Trip Around The Texans Blogosphere

When the news of a supposed list of preliminary coaching choices of rumored GM-to-stay Rick Smith hit last night, Twitter exploded. Kind of like it is right now with the Wade Phillips as DC/Gary Kubiak stays stuff. It's really getting out of control and we probably will hear about 496,572 other rumors before Black Monday.

But I wanted to take a second and highlight some of our Texans blogging brethren opinions on the matter. It begins after the jump.

Alan Burge - The Examiner:

Mike Sherman and Troy Calhoun? Really?

Why in the world would Bob McNair think that the solution to his franchise's problems is to re-hire a former Texans offensive coordinator and friend of Kubiak to become the next head coach?

Furthermore, why would he think that the Raiders offensive coordinator would do a better job than Gary Kubiak?

Diehard Chris - Houston Diehards:

There’s a LOT of smoke out there right now, especially this close to "Black Monday" when so many coaches will be fired… but I don’t know what to make of this, other than to say – hold me. I’m scared. I tend to think this is smoke. But what worries me is that this list is SO ridiculous, that it can’t be fiction. I mean, who would make up something like that?

Daniel Charles - SB Nation Houston:

I think the problem with Sherman, at least how I understand it, is that Sherman’s been here already. It’s "safe," it’s a "buddy hire," and it really comes off as a change to make a change.

No one’s knocking Sherman. He’s had success in Green Bay and College Station, but if Bob McNair wants to make a change…this is a parallel one at best.

Rivers McCown - SB Nation Houston:

I refuse to believe that Bob McNair, even as stuck in his circles as he is, would clean house in Houston to hire Troy Calhoun, Mike Sherman, or Hue Jackson. Why go with these retreads and unproven coaches when Kubiak has a similar or better resume? The whole point of wanting a coaching change, from McNair's perspective, would have to be to bring in a proven winner to turn around the talent that's on hand. If he wanted unproven but talented...well, we have that on hand already.

(Shameless self plug) Mike Kerns - Texans Tribune:

I have been studying and obsessed with the JFK assassination conspiracies since I was old enough to read. So here comes a little bit of that conspiracy nut job I've been accused of in the past. I'm still not sold on the rumor that Gary Kubiak is fired coach walking. Remember, that came from the same source that LZ heard this same list of candidates from. And when you heard those names, what was your first thought? It was probably something along the lines of "I'd rather keep Kubiak and hire a good DC over that shit!" Right? Therefore, this source just might be from inside the Texans organization trying to soften the blow of Bob keeping Gary under the headset for another season. Does that sound crazy? Probably. Is it inconceivable? Absolutely not.

John Hallam - Texans Bull Blog:

I seriously doubt the veracity of either rumor. My guess is that, when he extended Kubiak after last season, he had a contingency plan in mind if the team tanked… which it has. I have been of the belief since the Baltimore game that Kubiak will be fired. I do not think, however, that Kubiak will be fired in hopes of replacing him with an unproven NFL head coach (other than possibly Jim Harbaugh). I think it is possible that Kubiak is retained. If he is, I am sure there will be stipulations and ultimatums with that retention that include: the removal of Frank Bush as DC and a qualified, experienced and successful replacement. That is why I think it more plausible that the Phillips rumor could have some merit.

Tim - Battle Red Blog:

Next report will be that McNair is going to fire Kubiak, name himself head coach, promptly resign, and then hire the top peanut vendor from the old Mile High Stadium as the fourth head coach in franchise history.

Steph Stradley - Texans Chick @

I know there are ABK folks out there--Anybody But Kubiak. But ABKers need to be prepared that it could get worse, especially if we are relying on someone as relatively inexperienced as Rick Smith doing the choosing (and staying?!) Do you have any confidence and hope he can get things right?

The defense has significant issues that have to be dealt with. And if the offense falls off too....ew.

bigfatdrunk - Battle Red Blog:

Which of course...makes less sense than a cock-flavored lollipop.

(Just because its funny) John McClain - Blog:

12/26 - Wow. Texans are in a flex scheduling game. The Jax game is 3:15, which just prolongs the agony of a staff that's going to be fired.

And, just to cover his bases to say he was right all along:

Today - McNair is patient and optimistic. Like Kubiak, he's aware of the controversy, but McNair's going to do what he believe is best for the team. The more I think about it — and the more people I talk to — the more I'm convinced McNair is going to announce early next week that Kubiak will return.

So, as you can see, most of us are in full agreement. None of these moves or rumors are exactly blowing any of our skirts up. It's a long way to Black Monday, and I have to wonder if Bob will announce that he plans to retain Gary by then. Hope for the best and expect the worst...that's pretty much been my slogan for this franchise for going on a decade now.