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John McClain: McNair Keeping Kubiak Looks Likely

This isn't how I like to end my night:

Unless something like a blowout loss to Jacksonville in Sunday’s game at Reliant Stadium causes him to have an 11th-hour change of heart, McNair will bring back Kubiak for his sixth season, two people familiar with the situation said on Thursday.

McNair has declined to comment on Kubiak’s job situation since Dec. 15, but three people close to the owner said he’s angry, disappointed and frustrated with the Texans’ 5-10 record that includes eight losses in nine games.

They say, however, that McNair believes the offense is in good hands with Kubiak overseeing it but that he wants to improve the defense dramatically.

To sum up how I feel about Bob McNair right now: Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Chevy Chase: