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NFL Week 14 Preview & BRB Pick 'Em Update

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The Houston Texans keep chugging along in their 2010 quest to reach the postseason. They'll play their toughest remaining game on Monday night as the Baltimore Ravens come to town for Battle Red Day. It's a tough match-up, but, as N.D. Kalu has pointed out on TV and radio...the Texans are capable of playing with any team in the league. The past games they have been counted out, against New York and Philadelphia, they had a chance to win, so it can certainly happen on Monday.

As for the rest of the AFC South, Indianapolis and Tennessee do battle on Thursday Night Football in front of the atrocious Matt Millen and Joe Theismann. Division-leading Jacksonville welcomes Oakland in a game that could be over in two hours due to how much each team runs.

After 13 weeks, you know the order: Jump. NFL Preview. BRB Pick 'Em League Update.

Indianapolis Colts (6-6) @ Tennessee Titans (5-7) (Thursday 12/9 at 7:20 pm CST)
It's been 14 quarters since the Titans have scored an offensive touchdown and five games since they have won. That probably put a smile on your face if you're a Texans fan. Even though Chris Johnson could have a big game against a weak Indianapolis run defense, I don't see them matching Peyton Manning point-for-point - even if he has thrown 11 interceptions in three games. It also seems that the Titans have quit. Colts win 34-13.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-10) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3) (Sunday 12/12 at Noon CST)
Do I need to say much about this one? Pittsburgh wins at home after Carson Palmer throws some costly interception(s). Steelers 27-16.

Oakland Raiders (6-6) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (7-5)
Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew will make this a very run-heavy game. After seeing what Oakland did to San Diego's offense, I can't pick the Jaguars. I expect the AFC South and West division races to tighten up here. Raiders win 23-17.

Green Bay Packers (8-4) @ Detroit Lions (2-10)
The Lions will make the playoffs in 2011, but their secondary is awful in 2010. Aaron Rodgers must be licking his chops. Packers win 31-20.

New York Giants (8-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (5-7)
The Vikings have said Favre is starting, but I think Justin Tuck will knock 'em out. I probably would pick the Vikings if Tavaris Jackson were starting, but he's not, so I won't. Giants win 26-20.

Cleveland Browns (5-7) @ Buffalo Bills (2-10)
Once upon a time, I thought this would decide the 2011 #1 pick, but Cleveland has been a pleasant surprise. Peyton Hillis should run all over Buffalo. Browns win 36-19.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) @ Washington Redskins (5-7)
The Bucs are 7-0 this season versus teams with a losing record, while the Redskins are sort of spiraling as their lack of talent is showing. I wouldn't be surprised if Josh Freeman had another impressive 4th-quarter showing. Buccaneers win 24-20.

Atlanta Falcons (10-2) @ Carolina Panthers (1-11)
I'm not a fan of Atlanta. I think they're a bit overrated, but I'm not picking Carolina. Falcons win 26-6.

Seattle Seahawks (6-6) @ San Francisco 49ers (4-8) (Sunday 12/12 at 3:05 pm CST)
Somehow, the 49ers are still very much alive in the NFC West battle. This is a do-or-die game here, and Mike Singletary has turned to Alex Smith with the Niners' season on the line. At this point, Singletary's throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. The Seahawks stunned San Francisco in Week One, but they struggle on the road. 49ers win 20-17.

St. Louis Rams (6-6) @ New Orleans Saints (9-3)
I like the Rams, Sam Bradford, and their defense. However, this will show St. Louis how far they have to be a legitimate contender and not just a NFC West division leader. Drew Brees and the Saints are getting into rhythm just in time to defend their Super Bowl title. Saints win 37-20.

Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) @ San Diego Chargers (6-6) (Sunday 12/12 at 3:15 pm CST)
The Chiefs beat San Diego with a ton of time to prepare and a wet home-field advantage. I also think San Diego comes out with a chip on its shoulder after last week's loss. Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates will be huge as the Chargers make the AFC West interesting. Chargers win 31-17.

Miami Dolphins (6-6) @ New York Jets (9-3)
The Dolphins quarterback situation is a bit--ah, who am I kidding? The Jets were embarrassed on national television. I mean, I don't think any team has been that embarrassed like that in some time. I would hate to be Miami this week. Jets win 30-10.

Denver Broncos (3-9) @ Arizona Cardinals (3-9)
The Broncos are now coached by someone who has no head coach or coordinator experience. The Cardinals are truly awful in every sense of the word. Kyle Orton should shred this defense, but nothing is certain here. Broncos win 23-12.

New England Patriots (10-2) @ Chicago Bears (9-3)
This is going to be quite a game. Behind Julius Peppers and Brian Urlacher, the Bears play some mean defense, but can they match up behind TE-heavy and WR-screen happy New England? The Patriots have fared well against tough defenses this year, and I love their mismatch-creating offense. Patriots win 27-20.

Philadelphia Eagles (8-4) @ Dallas Cowboys (4-8) (Sunday 12/12 at 7:20 pm CST)
The Cowboys have played better under Jason Garrett behind a renewed sense in the run game, but the defense just seems underwhelming. I think DeSean Jackson is going to have a monster game getting behind the untalented Cowboys safeties. Eagles win 38-16.

Baltimore Ravens (8-4) @ Houston Texans (5-7) (Monday 12/13 at 7:30 pm CST)
After a knockdown brawl, the Ravens enter Reliant Stadium on a loss. Baltimore has lost three games on the road. The Texans have gotten some rest in December which is always beneficial. The Ravens will be a tough match-up, but the Texans nearly beat Baltimore North (New York) and are capable of keeping any game close. I'm on record saying the Texans won't end their playoff chances until they've gotten people's hopes up so...Texans win 31-30.

Ravens vs Texans coverage | Baltimore Beatdown

BRB Pick 'Em League Update

This Pick 'Em League continues to get more impressive. Forty-five people submitted full weeks and 44 people had 9-plus wins. The 45th person went 8-8. Whoever wins this league is going to have earned it. The league was so competitive that it took another record-breaking performance to take home the top prize. Who was the record-breaking Week 13 winner of the Andre Johnson Award for Ass-Kicking and Excellence? trex76.

I'll be honest, there's not much known about trex76. The only two pieces of information I've seen are that he's enjoying his first year as a season ticket holder and an admitted lurker. However, trex76 proved me wrong once against by setting a BRB Pick 'Em League record with an incredible 15-1 record. Yes, trex76, who has suffered some bad luck in the past with mixing the confidence points up and forgetting to put the points to a game, put it all together for a 15-1 record - the only miss being a 13-point underdog pulling the upset. trex76 may be silently lurking, but he's also deadly with his picks.

Let's all congratulate and raise an ice cold beer to the Week 13 BRB Pick 'Em Winner of the Andre Johnson Award for Ass-Kicking and Excellence - trex76.

"Should've Put Money On It" Game of the Week: Everyone who picked got the Rams over the Cardinals correct (sorry about the Cardinals, LisaK).

"We Know Nothing" Game of the Week: The 13-point underdog Raiders shocked the Chargers and 41 out of 44 BRB Pickers. Congrats to Jaws, chrisd21, and tx_knight for getting it right.

Sippin' on Battle Red Drank: Jahon, RED56, chrisd21, Jaws, southpaw70, Dillotex, USMC_Texas, CowboyH8ter, Southern Lion, nolander, Shake, Distant_Texans_Fan, papabear, pvavocalist, tx_knight, ketchuppants7, and Taco Joe all put down 16 maxmium confidence points on the Texans.

Hidin' Out In the Back of the Meeting Hall: WhiskeyR, BigTexBD, xmant2000, bigfatdrunk, SATexan, BrownCrayon, riversmccown, peytonsurdaddy, Rip Jersey, TexanKevin, do, oiler-texan diehard, trex76, Diehard Chris, and TexansDC all bought tickets to the Michael Vick Experience.

The Rex Grossman "F**k It, I'm Goin' Deep" Award:
After back-to-back weeks of being away from Sexy Rexy, chrisd21 wanted his Rexy back and got him with 14 points on 13-point underdog Oakland. This is "F**K it, I'm goin' deep" at its absolute finest. Ol' Rexy is proud somewhere as chrisd21 takes home his 6th Rexy in 10 weeks of trying.

The David Carr Misguided Faith Award: And for the second time, chrisd21 takes home the Davey and Rexy in the same week. He was the only person to pick 9.5-point underdog San Francisco, and he threw 15 points into the pick. It's like the Texans when they gave David Carr all that money to be the franchise's first quarterback - misguided faith.

The Charley Casserly Decision Making Award:
Jordann finds himself here after a 16 point week. It's not his fault, much like Charley did while in Houston...Jordann forgot about Sunday's games. At least he salvaged 16 points on Monday in his attempt to capture the season title.

BRBer with the best weekly record: trex76 (Choppa Killa) 15-1.
BRBer with the most weekly points: trex76 (Choppa Killa) 121 points.
Overall best record: SATexan (Cake) 127-65 leads by 3 games over riversmccown (Glover Quin Never Allows TD's).
Overall points leader: SATexan (Cake) 1085 points leads by 16 points over riversmccown (Glover Quin Never Allows TD's).

Top-Five BRB Pick 'Em League (by record)

1. SATexan (Cake) 127-65; 1,085 points (1st).
2. riversmccown (Glover Quin Never Allows TD's) 124-68; 1,069 points (2nd).
3. CowboyH8ter (AJ Open Downfield) 122-70; 1,029 points (4th).
4. oiler-texan diehard (oiler-texan diehard) 121-71; 1,031 points (3rd).
5. BigTexBD (BigTexBD) 120-72; 1,021 points (5th).

Don't forget to submit your picks for Thursday's game and the rest by Sunday, BRB Pickers. Congrats once again to trex76! Enjoy this weekend's slate of football and GO TEXANS!