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Bob McNair "Close" To Extending Gary Kubiak

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair is close to completing a contract extension for Head Coach Gary Kubiak. Kubiak is currently slated to coach the last year of his initial five season, $10 million contract in 2010, but McNair stated that Kubes will be extended through at least 2013, or "maybe even longer."

All Texans assistant coaches will soon be locked into their positions through 2012, which is not the norm in the NFL as it prepares for a possible lockout in 2011. Critics might also wonder why McNair has chosen to allocate more time and money to a coach that has failed to make the postseason and has obtained a winning season only once.

I've stated my resounding support for Kubiak before, so I won't make this post about my opinions. Rather, I'd like to hear yours. In Tim's opinion polls regarding Kubiak, a clear majority of readers on this blog stated their desire to see Kubiak on the sidelines in 2010, but what about this added commitment? Is it a good move?