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Saturday Night Tunes



Time for another edition of Saturday Night Tunes!*

Between kids, life, the universe and everything, time's been a little short for me lately.  But after the first go around of Saturday Night Tunes, which seemed to go pretty well, we're going to push our luck a second time.

I've mostly been going with more electronica over the past couple of weeks, including quite a bit of Tabla Beat Science.  When I'm trying to concentrate, I tend to go with electronica and other lyric-less music.  But I also finally picked up Gnarls Barkley's "St. Elsewhere."  Frankly, I like "The Odd Couple" quite a bit more, but it's still a damn nice album.

Oh, and almost it just came on as I'm working on a Saturday night...Raul Malo's latest "Lucky One."  I'm a huge fan of The Mavericks, but as a solo artist, Malo often works a bit too slow for me.  "Lucky One" is no exception, but if you love crooners, "Lucky One" is excellent.

* Mostly because I've been super-busy lately, and I haven't been able to post anything of substance.