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Then And Now: BRB On The Trade That Brought Matt Schaub To Houston

In the Comments to this post, WhiskeyR suggested a series of entries taking a look at some of the monumental moves made during the Smithiak Era. One of his specific requests was that we take a look at what we thought of the trade for Matt Schaub back when it happened. Thus, I give you this piece of classic BRB from March 21, 2007, aptly titled "Thoughts on the Schaub Deal."

In hindsight, I find my lack of faith disturbing, albeit wholly justified. I was still raw from the Charley Casserly Era. I was still broken from having witnessed five (5) years of David Carr under center. I was a man of little faith.

Now? Methinks the trade worked out just fine for your Houston Texans. The Texans acquired a franchise QB (and eventually Amobi Okoye, via the flip of first-round picks with the Falcons) for what ended up being Jamaal Anderson, Justin Blalock, and Sam Baker. If Smithiak could do the same deal again today, they'd do it in a heartbeat, whereas I'm guessing the Falcons would not (though Matt Ryan's arrival in Atlanta a year after the Schaub deal makes the pill much, much easier to swallow than it would've been...remember, the Michael Vick fiasco began in earnest shortly after Schaub left Atlanta).

What were your thoughts when you first heard the details of what the Texans gave up to acquire Matt Schaub? And now, having seen what you've seen from The Schaub, what are your thoughts on it today?