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BRB, Off To Indianapolis For The Combine -- Do You Have Any Requests?

It's hard to believe I've only been writing here for a little over a month, but that (plus offering to pay my own way and a little luck) was enough to convince the higher-ups to give me one of the ultimate opportunities: I will be attending the NFL Combine on behalf of BRB and SB Nation, fully credentialed and everything.

I could turn this announcement into a big thank you note to everyone, but I think the bigger thank you would be to serve the community as a whole.  Obviously, I have my own ideas about who I am going to go after and what questions I'll be asking.  However, I also wanted to open up the floor for requests about particular players you'd like to hear from, questions you'd like answered, and so forth.  

I can't really promise much of anything, as I have almost no idea what I'm walking into right now.  I've interviewed people, and I've attended events on behalf of publications, but I've never stepped into a media spectacle like this before.  I haven't been completely briefed by SB Nation yet, I haven't the foggiest just how much freedom I'll be allowed, and I don't even know if lunch will be served to the media, let alone what it might be.  

As of now, I plan to write something every night I'm there and keep throwing things tidbits up on Twitter along the way (@riversmccown).  Beyond that, I can promise you that I'll take every suggestion in this thread seriously and try to juggle them as much as I can with my own plans and ability to figure out what the hell I'm doing.  

One thing I can say for certain: I will be asking Little Dickie Justice (Age 12) where his Vince Young jersey is, should he show up.