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Who, Oh Who, To Franchise?

Now that the madness in Houston that was the NBA trading deadline is over, we get to look forward to the next deadline. This would be the tag deadline in the NFL. Teams have until this Thursday to announce players that will be franchise-tagged. That will be followed by numerous media reports of whining from NFL players about how they feel "disrespected" and upset that they have to play a year at top 5 money. Which will then be followed by holdouts and a war of words in the newspapers. Par for the course, I guess.

It got me to thinking about who Houston is going to franchise this season, if anyone. I think it is a given that someone will be getting the tag. John McClain says he is pretty sure that it isn't going to be everyone's favorite team player, Dunta Robinson. Honestly, at around $12 million for another franchised year of Dunta, you have to think a first-round corner in this year's draft couldn't hurt.

I think the only logical choice would have to be tight end Owen Daniels. The thing is that he is already whining about his restricted free agent status. How do you think he would react to a franchise tag? If he does get tagged, I think the universe may implode from Daniels' white hot rage. But coming back from the injury that ended his season last year, I am pretty sure the team wouldn't even consider locking him up long term until they see how he plays when he's close to 100% healed from the surgery.

I see some kind of deal getting done with DeMeco Ryans. Is there a team crazy enough (cough, Jerry Jones, cough) to make him an offer, thus surrendering a first and third round draft pick for him? Possibly. But I see the Texans' brass either matching or working out a deal before it even gets to that point. But, I may just be feeling optimistic with Houston management after seeing what Rockets GM Daryl Morey did to New York last week.

So, what do you say guys? Who should/will be tagged?