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Mocking The Draft: The Texans' First Two Picks In The 2010 NFL Draft Will Be...

Brian Price and Chad Jones. SB Nation's official site for all things NFL Draft took their first stab at a mock draft a few days ago, and Dan says the Texans will go with Price in the first round and Jones in the second round. I've already e-mailed Dan my thoughts about the Price selection (they'll be published on MTD later), and I imagine the majority of BRB will have an opinion on the thought of Smithiak adding Brian Price and/or Chad Jones to the squad. Heck, I imagine many of you will have an opinion on the notion of Sam Bradford going first overall to the Rams.

A challenge to you: Assume with me that the nineteen players Dan has going before the Texans go on the clock are actually gone. Who do the Texans take with that twentieth pick? I'd go with Mike Iupati or Kyle Wilson in that scenario.

Same thing for the fiftieth or fifty-first pick--if the forty-nine or fifty players Dan predicts will be off the board are actually off the board, who would the Texans take with their second-rounder? I say Brandon Ghee or Perrish Cox.

Fire away in the Comments below. It's draft season, people!