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The Return Of The Greatest Daily Link Program...Ever

That's right, fellas. You thought it/I was gone. It and I are both back. Whether that's a good or bad thing (probably bad), I leave it up to you to decide.

With that I bring you... the return of Down 'N Dirty: the most awesome daily links compilation in Texans blogosphere history! The boring off-season beckons for me.

If only there were any interesting links to share. As the days go by and the draft nears ever closer they will come, but for now we're stuck with little to nothing to work with. Here goes.

Owen Daniels had an interview with Sporting News writer Vinnie Iyer recently. This normally wouldn't mean much, especially since the interview doesn't shed light on any new information. However, take note that the interviewer is an Indian. Represent.

James Casey did a nice deed and chatted with some fans for yesterday. Congratulations to Thor on his soon-to-be son. Dickie Justice (Age 12) also did a piece on him, but I won't link to it. Just because.

Some draft news! Mike Mayock, who is widely believed to be one of the best draft analysts out there (and my personal favorite), has his updated list of top draft prospects up. Interesting to note that he has Earl Thomas ranked ahead of Eric Berry for the top safety position. Chris' awesome Mock Draft Tracker shows the mocks have Thomas going to us 34% of the time.

And with that, I end our first Down 'N Dirty of the year. Obviously necessary poll attached.