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What Would You Be Willing To Give To Get Nnamdi Asomugha in a Texans Uniform?

<em><strong>Asomugha is an incredible talent, but is anyone worth what Al Davis is asking for him in a trade?</strong></em>
Asomugha is an incredible talent, but is anyone worth what Al Davis is asking for him in a trade?

For about two hours yesterday, while at the office, I listened to Sports Radio 610 as Rich Lord and Robert Henslee took calls from people on what they would be willing to give to have the Oakland Raiders' Nnamdi Asomugha on your Houston Texans.

Long story short, if you've listened to local talk radio, you know what kind of idiot callers call in there. There were people willing to give up their entire draft for the guy. There was even one guy who said to forget Nnamdi and get Brandon Marshall AND Anquan Boldin (I guess he missed the memo on Boldin) to pair with Andre Johnson. Yeah, I think that guy has been playing too much fantasy football. But back to Nnamdi. It got me to thinking what he would be worth.

Before I get too far into this, we all know Houston isn't going to go after Nnamdi and his insane contract. But, in a hypothetical sense, say Bob McNair got a wild hair up his ass to make a huge splash and wanted to go get Nnamdi. What would you give up?

First, we have to look at the contract that we would be inheriting. Asomugha was given a three year, $45.3 million contract by Oakland in 2009. The richest ever for a defensive back. The first two years, worth $28.5 million, are fully guaranteed. In the third year of the contract, it must pay him the average of the top five highest-paid quarterbacks or $16.875 million, whichever is higher. If the team fails to pick up the option, Asomugha will become a free agent and the team will not have the ability to tag him again. Wow...Al Davis at his finest right there...

So, on top of paying the guy around around $32 million for two seasons, Al is rumored to be asking for "high" draft considerations as well.

Look, Naamdi is one of, if not the, best cover corner(s) in the game. We all remember him shutting down Andre Johnson in 2008. But is he really worth that much money AND probably a variation of first and second round draft picks? Only way I would even consider it is if Asomugha would be willing to void the old contract and work out a long term deal anew. And I see no reason why he would be willing to do that. Maybe just the chance to get out of the misery that is the Oakland football franchise. Possible, but highly unlikely.

Asomugha would solve a big, big problem in the Houston secondary. There's no question there. But when you got DeMeco Ryans, Owen Daniels and Mario WIlliams needing to get locked up in the next couple years, I believe that money is better well spent internally. What say you, BRB Nation? Would you make a deal for Nnamdi? And at what cost?