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Bob McNair Wants The Texans On HBO Hard Knocks? Give Me a Break...


By now, everyone has heard that team owner Bob McNair has been in touch with NFL Films to lobby for your Houston Texans to be the featured team on HBO's critically acclaimed series Hard Knocks.

My initial reaction to hearing this was intrigue. To any who have watched the series, it would certainly be must-see TV. Hard Knocks chronicles a team with a behind the scenes look during training camp and some of its more "unique" characters. What Texans fan wouldn't be interested in seeing that?

But that is just the thing about it. Who outside of Houston would care to watch it?

Don't get me wrong, I love this team and all, and I love the fact that there aren't a bunch of thugs, criminals and knuckleheads on the roster. But, again, if you've seen Hard Knocks before, you know that is what makes the show great:  Knuckleheads.

If Houston was on the show, it would receive the lowest ratings it has ever gotten. And let's not confuse things, ratings and money are what it's all about. I mean, how else would you explain Duke getting in the softest bracket in this year's NCAA tournament? Or the L.A. Lakers getting about half of their games on national TV? Or the Yankees vs. Red Sox being shoved down our throats every couple of weeks? Ratings. But, I digress.

There isn't one story on this team that would be considered "dramatic." That just doesn't make for good TV. No one wants to watch a series like Hard Knocks on a team as vanilla as the Texans. Except for people in Houston or Texans fans living outside of Houston.

The fact that Houston is up against the New York Jets for the rights to this year's feature doesn't bode well for McNair. Who do you think Hard Knocks would want to feature? The team with a "silent superstar" and a quarterback whose name most people can't even pronounce correctly , or the team with a coach who goes to MMA events and flips the bird to opposing teams fans?

Like it or not, things like Rex Ryan and New York are what draws in the most national viewers, and that is the way HBO will and should go.

"I've let NFL Films know we're interested, and perhaps this will be the year," McNair said of the request. "I've discussed it with Gary and Rick to let them know how I feel about it. I think it's time for the Texans to get more national exposure. We have some outstanding players. This would be a chance to showcase our players as well as an opportunity to increase our fan base."

Winning games will get you more national exposure, Bob. Doing better than 1-5 in your division will get you more exposure. Making the freaking playoffs will get you more exposure...not an HBO show.