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SITE NEWS: Comcast Continues Sponsorship Of Battle Red Blog

You might remember that back in September, Comcast was kind enough to officially begin sponsoring Battle Red Blog. That sponsorship was reflected in the weekly "Comcastic Red Zone Review" (example here).

I'm pleased to announce that our idiocy has not yet completely alienated Comcast, as they have re-upped their sponsorship of our corner of the internet for another year. Don't worry--this doesn't mean that anything will be affected around here. As I wrote in September:

Let me assure you that this doesn't mean we're going to begin bombarding you with marketing messages or sales pitches. We’ll merely remind you every once in a while about some of the sports features available from Comcast, like Red Zone. And sometimes, we'll simply alert you to freebies.

So...BRB and Comcast, together again. Carry on.