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Wut It Do Fat Boy: A Found Poem

Wut it do fat boy

Dis some real crawfish I got


Dat aint real crswfish

Crawfish do sound good


Yo booty big...yeeeaaahh!!!!

fat boy

yup dont know y

bout to go in on some crawfish



wut it do mama

the blacks knight has hit da street


Wanna a cookie 

I'm goin getsome

yes u can just open ur mouth...and u can still humm

If u gone train then train woman

u twit one mo thing ima dive on ya

j.jones is up...yeeeaaahhh

Somthin is wtong wit yo twitter

I been watchin but when u c them wit the naked I it different

Dat aint real crswfish

Dat not good eattin...not healthy...


Naw da babies...


my dog take care of his kids

Sunday my chill day

im n da strip club....bored

just came here for the blacken catifish

wuz it r wuz it not good?  


u know wut

Crawfish do sound good