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NFL In A Giving Mood?

Apparently, the owners, at their meetings in Orlando this week, are debating more than just if they should change the overtime rules. There is a rumor floating around that your very own Houston Texans could be getting a nationally televised prime time game on Thanksgiving Night as they take on everyone's favorite J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets in New York.

This would be a terrific step for the franchise, no doubt. The announcement of the national games was supposed to be today, but the best writer in the history of The Chronicle tweeted this morning that no announcement would be made until tomorrow.

If it happens, one can only hope that Houston puts on a better performance against New York than they did in the 2009 opener, regardless of whether it is nationally televised or not. It's one thing to get embarrassed in a regular season game. But to get embarrassed on national TV...that's something else.

But, let's get the slot first. Then we will worry about the display and outcome. Is this the year Houston gets multiple national spots? Hard Knocks is still doubtful and a bad idea according to some, but there are also many who think the game against the Cowboys this year will mean a third straight year of Monday Night Football at Reliant. Good times.