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It's March 25, 2010: Who Do You Want Your Houston Texans To Take At No. 20?

About this time last year, we began running a weekly feature where we asked everyone to sound off, via poll and the Comments, who they wanted the Texans to take with their first round pick. As it can never be said that I'm above beating an idea into the ground, we're resurrecting that tired schtick thoughtful, interactive feature. The details are after the jump.

In order to make this work, we've got to operate under a few assumptions. Take it away, me from a year ago, with edits made by future/current me:

First and foremost, assume the Texans cannot trade the pick; assume they have to make a pick at No. 15 20. Second, we're operating under the assumption that several players you might love having in the steel blue, battle red, and liberty white are off the board. For example, I might give a limb to see B.J. Raji Ndamukong Suh as a Texan; unfortunately, there's only an infinitesimal chance he drops out of the Top Ten Three, so it doesn't make much sense to vote for him to be the choice at No. 15 20. Obviously, he'd be close to a no-brainer if he was there; if we take a deep breath and look at things objectively, however, we know he won't be there. As such, don't vote for anyone you truly do not think will be there when the Texans go on the clock. The listed players are intended to be guys who have a legitimate shot at being available at No. 15 20. If you think one or more of them have little to no chance of actually being there, let us know why you think that. Finally, everyone who votes for Mark Sanchez Jimmy Claussen must disclose their mailing address so hired goons can show up at your home at dinnertime to kick you square in the pills.

Last year, the clear favorite throughout the process was Clay Matthews. For reasons unbeknownst to me, Smithiak disregarded science in favor of drafting Brian Cushing, which seems to have worked out fine, I guess.

Have at it, BRB. Vote in the poll below and let us know why you voted the way you did in the Comments.