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Conspiracy Theory: Ryan Mathews

Aside from the John F. Kennedy assassination, I'm far from a conspiracy theorist kind of guy.  Usually, I live by Occam's Razor:  The simplest solution is usually the correct one.  However, in the Case of the Running Back We Really Don't Need, the latest Encyclopedia Brown offering, I smell conspiracy.  So, try and follow along with my incoherent ramblings (and I know this has been discussed to some extent, but I want to drive the crazy train).

Pancakes has been all a-Twitter about Ryan Mathews, repeatedly publishing he thinks your Texans will take him with the 20th pick.  In fact, his tweets are being picked up by a widespread and mainstream football audience who claim Pancakes has insider information and he's a credible source.  I think it's a giant plant by Smithiak.

San Diego has the 28th pick, and right now, their starting running back is Eric Metcalf Darren Sproles.  Obviously, Sproles is not a real solution to SD's run game.

I strongly believe Smithiak is using Pancakes to pressure SD into trading up in order to grab Mathews.  Since the Texans are, currently, the most likely team deemed to take Mathews, then trading up to our #20 spot would be most cost effective for the Chargers AND would remove their biggest competition for Mathews' services.  In fact, when we wanted Duane Brown just a couple of drafts ago, Smithiak had no problem trading back to a spot where they believed they could pick up Brown along with a couple of extra picks.

I know this isn't an overly crazy conspiracy theory, but I see it as likely.  I have no insider information, but I find it hard to believe Kubiak will target a RB in the first round.  This isn't because he flat out just won't take a RB, but there are many other positions to fill; specifically, CB and S.

What do y'all think?  And should I just check myself into the nearest mental hospital?

(h/t Kerns for his assistance, though I get all the credit)