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Just A Few More Hours Until Free Agency Begins...

When the clock strikes midnight on the East Coast tonight, the 2010 free agency frenzy in the NFL officially begins. To the extent they've deemed it necessary, teams have tendered and/or tagged their own players. We're now just hours away from the market opening in earnest. With the uncertainty surrounding the salary cap and CBA swirling, will teams treat free agency any differently? More importantly to Texans fans, will Bob McNair & Co. proceed any differently?

My guess is that we're not going to see a quick splash like we did last year. I'd be surprised if a big piece was added via free agency; it would seem to me that the Texans' energy and dollars ought to be focused on working on deals for their own restricted free agents, a list which should begin with DeMeco Ryans. New Texans will be made, to be sure; I simply think they'll be more in the mold of Shaun Cody than Todd Wade Robaire Smith Anthony Weaver Ahman Green Antonio Smith. Nevertheless, here's a comprehensive list of each team's restricted and unrestricted free agents. Anyone there that you think the Texans should and/or will target?