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Free Agent Rumor Mongering Thread for 3/5

Of course, the Texans' big news is that we re-signed Matt Turk.  YES!

Use this thread to list out rumors on FA signings as things really heated up last night.  Quick recap on player and rumored destinations*:

  • Karlos Dansby - Dolphins, Bears and Falcons.
  • Antrel Rolle - Dolphins (supposedly offered a contract), Giants.
  • Kevin Walter - Ravens appear to be the favorite.  Buccaneers also interested.  Bengals.
  • Aaron Kampman - Seahawks.
  • Brandon Marshall - Seahawks.
  • Chester Taylor - multiple teams, none of which appear to be the Texans.  Bears appear to be in the lead.
  • Corey Williams - Lions.
  • Julius Peppers - Bears, thought LanceZ still seems to believe the Redskins are the fave.
  • Jamal Williams - expected to stay in San Diego.
  • Kyle Vanden Bosch (you know, the idiot with the red contact lenses so that he seems evil.  EVIL!!!) - Lions.
  • Thomas Jones - Eagles.
  • Brandon Manumaleuna - Signs with Bears.
  • Justin Bannan - Broncos.
  • Leigh Bodden - Texans, Seahawks, and Steelers interested.
  • Dunta Robinson - Almost a done deal to the Falcons.  Brees vs. Dunta twice a year?  Ugly.
  • Rex Hadnot - Broncos.
  • Chester Pitts - Drawing interest from three teams?  Texans, Dolphins, Lions.
  • Nate Burleson - Agreed to terms with the Lions.
  • Antonio Bryant - Ravens.
  • Nate Jones - Broncos.
  • * All rumors via Rotoworld and Twitter