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Texans Free Agency Recap (Day One): Kevin Walter Stays Home

That was a fairly eventful Friday night, huh? Some quick thoughts on Kevin Walter, the newest Atlanta Falcon, and another alleged Smithiak target after the jump:

-Very happy to see that Kevin Walter is staying in Houston. Prior to the 2009 season, I was convinced that K-Dub would be leaving Houston for greener pastures. Unfortunately for Walter and fortunately for the Texans (speaking from a negotiating perspective), his 2009 season was a disappointment when compared to his breakout 2008 campaign. That's not to say Walter lost his fastball or suffered from a diminishing skill set; he battled injuries at the beginning of the season, and Owen Daniels saw his targets increase as he was arguably the most productive tight end in the NFL (until he went down).

Nevertheless, I still thought Walter was a goner once free agency hit. And he may well have been bound for Baltimore had the Ravens not pulled off that deal for Anquan Boldin. Thankfully, we'll never know, as the Texans and Walter agreed to a five (5) year deal worth $21,000,000.00 ($8,000,000.00 of which is guaranteed). I think it's a good deal for both parties. The guaranteed dollars seem about right for a proven No. 2 WR who's perfect for Kubiak's system, and the total dollars aren't so ridiculous that we'll be lamenting that Walter's severely overpaid in a couple of years if he's still with the team. Additionally, K-Dub's return means we won't have to deal with the roller coaster ride that would've been Jacoby Jones as WR2. I know some of you were ready for that; I was not. Regardless, Kevin Walter is your WR2 for 2010, and that's a good thing.

-Dunta Robinson managed to convince the Atlanta Falcons to give him a six (6) year contract worth $57,000,000.00, $25,500,000.00 of which is guaranteed. This means Dunta Robinson is now the second highest-paid cornerback in the league. It also means Falcons fans have my sympathies. First we take Matt Schaub from them, and then cosmic forces conspire to give them Dunta. Egad.

-One more note about Dunta, and then I'll leave it alone: He was right. The $23,000,000.00 in guaranteed money purportedly offered to him by Smithiak last year was, believe it or not, less than he was worth on the open market. Combine that with the nearly $10,000,000.00 he banked last year, and you have to admit that things worked out just fine for ol' D-Rob. Of course, the question of whether his play is actually worth that much scratch is a different issue entirely. An issue that we don't have to debate anymore, as he is now Atlanta's problem property. Godspeed, Dunta.

-Your Houston Texans were supposedly scheduled to entertain Wade Smith, an offensive lineman most recently employed by the Kansas City Chiefs, today. Word is, however, that Smith's set to sign with the Bills. Such is life.  Again, I don't expect any big splashes to be made at Reliant Park via free agency, so I'm counting on most, if not all, the names we hear mentioned as possible Houston acquisitions to be low-key, depth guys.

Thoughts on K-Dub, Dunta, and/or Wade Smith? Leave 'em in the Comments below. And consider this your open thread for Day Two of free agency.