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Leigh Bodden, Anyone?

Despite John McClain's initial proclamation that your Houston Texans have no interest in Leigh Bodden and/or any intention of signing him, it appears that Bodden is currently in H-Town meeting with and/or readying to meet with the Texans brass (along with Wade Smith, who apparently has not yet signed with the Bills as rumored).

With Dunta Robinson laughing all the way to the bank in Atlanta, what would you pay Leigh Bodden to line up as a starting cornerback for the Texans come September? Alan Burge has an excellent table up that puts corner salaries in perspective. Me? I'd say Jabari Greer or Jacques Reeves money is palatable. Anything more than that, and I do believe I'd roll the dice with Reeves, Glover Quin, Brice McCain, and unknown rookie cornerback(s) in 2010.

By the way, here are Leigh Bodden's career statistics. As a reference point, here are Dunta Robinson's career numbers. Yes, different players, different systems, different surroundings, etc. And yes, you're worth whatever someone's willing to pay you. Still...given what Dunta got from the Falcons, the numbers would seem to imply that Leigh Bodden is worth fourteen years and $103,249,201.34.