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The Great Amobi Debate

For the past couple of seasons, Amobi Okoye has generated a lot of debate amongst Texans fans. Some are quick to write him off as a first round bust, while others still argue that he is young and doesn't have a real compliment next to him to consistently rush the passer.

Every year it seems like someone in the media labels this the year that Amobi has his "breakout season." A statement that now generates nothing but scoffs and facepalms amongst most of the Texans fan base. I mean, you can only hear that so many times before you just don't take it seriously anymore.

I'm one of those people that never liked the pick and think he just may be a lost cause. I want to say that he's still young and a giant pile-moving guy like a Dan Williams or Terrence Cody next to him on the defensive line could really help him. But I'm not positive about saying I believe that would be the case. But there are times where it seems like the team is setting him up to fail by throwing guys like Shaun Cody out there next to him. Don't get me wrong--Cody isn't a bad player. But he isn't a starter on a stout defensive line. And he certainly isn't going to help a guy like Amobi be dominant.

Yes, he is younger now (he is still only 22 years old) than a lot of the guys in this year's NFL Draft. But has he shown consistent improvement each year as he gains experience? It sure looked like he was going to make me eat crow after being named defensive player of the month in September 2007, his rookie season. He tallied 4 sacks that month, which led the AFC. But since then, he has netted only 4 more in two and a half seasons.

One just has to wonder at this point if he is headed down the same road Travis Johnson did. Amobi still seems to have more supporters than Johnson ever did, but that really isn't saying much.  I hate to give up on a guy that is so young and the team invested so highly in. The tenth pick in the first round (does it bother anyone else that Patrick Willis was drafted right after him?) should be held accountable. I'm not saying he should just be guaranteed a starting job simply because of where he was picked. I'm saying that if even someone like me who never liked the pick and really isn't a fan can give him another shot, I think others should too. But I do believe this may be his last chance. I'm personally hoping the team drafts a legitimate big to pair up with him on the front line.