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Comcast Presents: This Week's Must-Read

Once a week, in light of BRB and SB Nation's relationship with Comcast, we're going to point you in the direction of a particularly interesting article about your Houston Texans, a particular Texan, Bob McNair, someone on the coaching staff, someone on the management team, and/or a moving haiku about BFD. Because I'm so original, we're going to call this feature "Comcast Presents: This Week's Must-Read." For the maiden voyage, I'm giving you two pieces that you may not have already read. After the jump...

First, here's an excellent interview by Thomas George over at Fanhouse with Bob McNair. Curiosity not piqued? How about this gem, then?

On QB David Carr, the franchise's first draft pick in 2002, who was jettisoned in 2007 and now plays for San Francisco: "I think had David Carr been coached better, things might have worked. If I had it to do over, I think we would have gotten David a veteran quarterback in here. He needed someone to show him what it takes. I think we treated David as a No. 1 pick and did not demand enough of him. He thought he was doing everything that needed to be done and that wasn't the case. He needed to be the first player in here and the last one to leave. He needed to work more with our receivers and put in not just required time but go over and beyond. David did not understand that, and he said that recently. Knowing what I know now, I would not let that happen. Coaches set him up with video equipment in his home. I'm sure he looked at a lot of that tape. But he needed to be here more and working with the coaches and doing more with the players."

And that, my friends, is as close as I think we'll ever get to Mr. McNair saying that David Carr didn't put in the work necessary to succeed in the NFL.

Next must-read is by Stephanie Stradley, as FanShotted by zala here. Just a great, great Q&A with John Harris of 1560 The Game. If you aren't familiar with Harris, do yourself a favor and get familiar. He's as good as it gets, and Steph does a tremendous job picking his brain.

There you have it, BRB. Happy reading.