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It's Tax Day 2010: Who Do You Want Your Houston Texans To Take At No. 20?

Benevolent dictator Tim is off fighting international terrorism tending to more important matters probably hungover, so he asked me to put up the weekly pipedream post. Last week, the Kyle Wilson Experience increased from 23% to 36% of the vote. Will he crack 50% this week? Will someone else find a way to unseat him? Can I really do three questions in a row without answering any of them?

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I added Earl Thomas back into the mix because (a) Don Banks' mock draft yesterday had us taking him and (b) we've got as much shot as getting him as we do of getting Dan Williams. Oh, also, (c) because I can. If you vote "other," please be so kind as to explain who and why. If you vote for one of the listed choices, a quick "why" or "why I took X over Y" would also be nice.