Big Time Draft Site

After much work by my elite staff of programmers working day and night, the Big Time Draft Site is ready for prime time. Well, at least its functional.

After registering, this site will enable you to follow the real draft, and act as Texans GM and pick any player available to play for your Houston Texans. We can all see how good our 2010 season could have been had we followed your sage advice, and we can all see how idiotic yours truly was for picking Tim Tebow at #20.

If you are unable to participate in real time, the site will keep a queue for you and automatically choose your next highest player when the Texans make their selection.

There will also be a shadow draft similar to what Rivers did (whose idea spawned this undertaking) that will take place after the real draft is over, but that code is still in the R&D department currently.

If you'd like to sign up, head on over to:

I just updated the draft order, so that should be current. Let me know if you see any errors or bugs via this or the online email form on the FAQ. Also let me know if anyone wants to help input real draft picks during the real draft. I'll probably need help on Saturday, as they will come fast, and I have three kids.

Thanks, hope you enjoy it.

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