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Saturday Night Tunes - Pre-Draft Edition

With my new job, I've been spending a ton of time in front of a computer with my headphones on...mostly to block out the sounds of my screaming children.  Look, I'm busy, kids, and I don't really care if the house is on fire, mmm-kay?

As a result of my new-found need to cocoon, I've both been listening to and looking for new music.  Thus, tonight's edition of Saturday Night Tunes!  WHEE!!!!

Topping my playlist has been...really?...The Ting Tings?  Hold on, need to check something.  Yeah, my testicles are still there.  Whaddaya know?  For some odd reason, I find it easier to write code (at which I suck) when listening to them.  Throw in a little MGMT, Gnarls Barkley, and older RJD2 (their latest kinda sucks), and they've been topping my listenin'.  Previously recommended Pepper and Lacuna Coil have also gotten some PT.

With their announcement that their reuniting, and old fave of mine is also getting a lot of play.  I've long said Slobberbone is the best band you've never heard of, and their album "Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today" is easily in my Top 5, if not #1.  But if you're going to listen to old school Alt-Country, you've got to toss a little Uncle Tupelo into the mix.

What have y'all been listing to?