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Changing The Game: Dunta Robinson To Atlanta

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It's my pleasure to announce that our friends at Sprint have partnered with our overlords at SB Nation. What does this mean to BRB? It means a weekly post for the next six weeks in which we examine "game-changers" as it applies to your Houston Texans. Yeah, we're selling out. Wanna make something of it? Regardless, this means more content, which is generally a good thing. Unless you get me going about what I'll do on Thursday night if Ryan Mathews is the pick at No. 20. Two words, my friends: Hissy fit.

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Back on topic...popular opinion seems to be that your Houston Texans need to go CB early because Dunta Robinson will no longer make Baby Jebus cry in Houston ply his trade in H-Town. Zuh? Is there anyone out there who thinks that losing Dunta to the Falcons makes the Texans worse? Isn't this a case of the game changing, if you will, for the better? Even if that means Jacques Reeves and Glover Quin are your starting corners for Week One?