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Does Bonecrusher = Smooove Will?

In the spirit of Kerns's latest offering, I'd like to meditate for a moment on one of our latest infatuations, Bernard "Bonecrusher" Pollard.  Whether it was entirely his doing or not, the reality is that our run defense improved dramatically with Pollard's arrival from Kansas City.  I happen to believe that Pollard helped our defense a lot, but there other things happened right around the same time (for example, Brain Crushing finding his feet defensively) that caused our defense to improve.

Nonetheless, Pollard definitely had an impact on the field and with the fans as well.  His aggressive personality, as heard in the now-famous "knock the piss out of them" radio interview combined with his on-field play to make him, along with Mario, DeMeco and Brain Crushing, favorites among us BRB-types.  

However (and I hear the words of Tim echoing in my brain as I write this) have we been down this road before?  Haven't we signed a player off the scrap heap and watched him play well, only to have him disappear the following season?  Does any body here remember the man who pleases himself to the thought of him pleasing himself Smooove Will Demps?

Demps played a key role in shoring up our defensive secondary a couple of seasons ago (even though he couldn't catch a ball to save his life), and he was a male model.  Then, like Keyser Soze, the Smooove Will that patrolled the open spaces of our backfield disappeared.  Last I heard he was trying to perfect Blue Steel or something like that.



Now that Smithiak seems to be in a giving mood, no doubt their attention will turn towards Pollard.  Does he deserve a deal now?  Is he just another Demps, albeit less good looking?  What do you think?