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2010 Schedule Release Open Thread

I'll be with you guys for the next hour and thirty or so until the entire schedule is leaked one way or another.  Whine about how we're being taken seriously, or crow about how we are, whichever scenario comes through.  I'll be updating the main post as more information comes in.  If you see something that I haven't got yet, and you have a link, feel free to post it in the comments.


Sept 12th vs. Indianapolis Colts (CBS) - Sunday, 1 PM 

Sept 19th @ Washington Redskins (CBS) - Sunday, 4:15 PM

Sept 26th vs. Dallas Cowboys (FOX) - Sunday, 1 PM

Oct 3rd @ Oakland Raiders (CBS) - Sunday, 4:05 PM

Oct 10th vs. New York Giants (FOX) - Sunday, 1 PM 

Oct 17th vs. Kansas City Chiefs (CBS) - Sunday, 1 PM


Nov 1st @ Indianapolis Colts (ESPN) - Monday, 8:30 PM

Nov 7th vs. San Diego Chargers (CBS) - Sunday, 1 PM

Nov 14th @ Jacksonville Jaguars (CBS) - Sunday, 1 PM

Nov 21st @ New York Jets (CBS) - Sunday, 1 PM

Nov 28th vs. Tennessee Titans (CBS) - Sunday, 1 PM

Dec 2nd @ Philadelphia Eagles (NFLN) - Thursday, 8:20 PM

Dec 13th vs. Baltimore Ravens (ESPN) - Monday, 8:30 PM

Dec 19th @ Tennessee Titans (CBS) - Sunday, 1 PM

Dec 26th @ Denver Broncos (CBS) - Sunday, 4:05 PM

Jan 2nd vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (CBS) - Sunday, 1 PM