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So, How's Your 1st Round Mock Draft Looking?

<em><strong>"Hey Buddy...You think you can beat my first round Mock Draft?"</strong></em> <a href="" target="new">Go For It!</a>
"Hey Buddy...You think you can beat my first round Mock Draft?" Go For It!

With the 2010 NFL Draft kicking off tomorrow evening, most everyone is putting out their final Mock Drafts today. I finished mine up a couple of nights ago and would be interested in seeing what everyone else has on theirs.

There is a nifty click and drag 1st round Mock Draft creator on the worldwide leader's website that I used, and after you submit your picks, it compares it with Sportsnation's and Todd McShay's picks. Then it gives you a link to share your results with everyone.

In case you were wondering, I picked CB Kyle Wilson with the Texans' first round pick. I just can't see the team drafting RB Ryan Mathews with a corner of Wilson's quality still on the board. I have everyone's man-crush Earl Thomas going to the Niners at #17.  Unlike Pancakes, who has Houston taking Ryan Mathews with Earl still on the board...

I don't claim to know every team's needs, so I fully admit to completely guessing on some most of these picks. But you can see my full first round mock right here. I think I'll get about 13 right. But I wouldn't put money on it.

Feel free to post your 1st round Mock in the comments below. Or, if you'd rather just put your full draft picks for the Texans, do so.

One more day, people! Then we get to bitch about who we should have taken...