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It's April 21, 2010: What Will Your Houston Texans Do At No. 20?

This week's edition will be a little different, in that there's no poll and the query has changed. Instead of asking what you want your Houston Texans to do with their first-round pick tomorrow night, we're asking what they will do with the twentieth overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft. More after the jump...

In this entry, everything's in play, with the single caveat being that you have to stay realistic. While there's statistically an infinitesimal chance Smithiak trades its entire draft to move up to take Ndamukong Suh, it ain't happening, and you know it. Similarly, Suh isn't going to fall to Houston at No. 20, so it wouldn't make much sense to opine that the Texans will take him with the twentieth overall pick.

If you believe the Texans are going to trade up, tell us (1) who they'll be trading with; (2) what they'll be getting; and (3) what they'll be giving up. Same if you think the Texans will trade down--who's the trade partner, what's the cost, and what's the return?

If you think the Texans simply stay at No. 20 and make the pick, who's it gonna be and why?

I'll start the exercise. As much as I'd (always) love the Texans to trade down, I'm not sure there will be a player available at No. 20 who'll excite another team enough to warrant them paying the price to move up. I think the Texans are stuck with that twentieth pick, and I think Dan Williams, Earl Thomas, Joe Haden, and Kyle Wilson are all off the board. Thus, I'm guessing that Devin McCourty will be a Houston Texan come tomorrow night.

Your turn in the Comments below.