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Got a Question For New Running Back Ben Tate?

<strong><em>Don't worry. It isn't the same as "The Madden Curse."</em></strong>
Don't worry. It isn't the same as "The Madden Curse."

I'll wait while you get all of the man crush jokes out of the way...feel better? Awesome. Now, onto the business at hand.

I have talked to Ben Tate and his publicist and, as he promised if he got drafted by Houston, he has agreed to give me another interview for Battle Red Blog.

This is where you come in. Is there anything you would like to ask your future back?

I should be conducting the interview within the next couple of days and don't want to ask him the same stuff I asked in the previous interview.

So, fire away in the comments below and the BRB staff will pick the best questions for the interview. And feel free to ask as many as you'd like. The more selection, the better.

Thanks, BRB nation!