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Saturday Night Tunes - Classic Rock Edition

With everyone coming down from the draft and still a few more weeks until OTAs, I decided it was time to carry on bfd's tradition of "What the hell you listenin' to, boy?"

About two weeks ago, Jordann, Diehard Chris and I had a discussion about some of the best guitar players of all time. Now, I don't know what the average age here is in the BRB community, but I am 31 and had an older brother who got me into the classics when I was younger like Frampton Comes Alive, Who's Next by The Who and Electric Ladyland by Jimi. So, naturally, when the topic of great guitar players came up, that was all I have listened to on my iPod at work since.

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Lately, I've been stuck on some later (less played) Led Zeppelin songs from In Through The Out Door, Presence and even Coda. Which is nothing really new, as I am a Zeppelin freak. Here is a particular favorite of mine right now:

Also, been jamming a lot of  Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Cream, The Who, Hendrix and pretty much anything by The Beatles after 1966. I know most my age or younger can't turn off the damn Nickelback long enough to learn to appreciate some of this stuff, but to those who do:  We salute you.

So, what about you guys? What you blaring on your headphones and car rides home these days?