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Changing The Game: What's The Best Combination At LB For The First Four Weeks?


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You might have heard that the Texans will be without their starting strong-side linebacker for the first four (4) games of the 2010 season. What should the Texans do for the first month of the season at LB? The options are after the jump...

Option One: Zac Diles at SLB/DeMeco Ryans at MLB/Xavier Adibi at WLB.

Option Two: Zac Diles at SLB/DeMeco Ryans at MLB/Darryl Sharpton at WLB.

Option Three: Kevin Bentley at SLB/DeMeco Ryans at MLB/Zac Diles at WLB.

Option Four (tip o' the cap to MDC for throwing this thought out there): Connor Barwin at SLB/DeMeco Ryans at MLB/Zac Diles at WLB.

My love for Xavier Adibi has been well documented, so I'd love to see Option One come to fruition. Unfortunately for the Adibi family and I, Xavier has his mail sent to Kubes' doghouse, so there's very little chance that happens.

In terms of Option Two, I have a hard time believing that Darryl Sharpton is going to be ready to start from Day One; thus, a scenario where Sharpton starts from the get-go seems unlikely as well.

Option Three seems like the best choice from a continuity standpoint; Diles can stay at WLB for the entire season and wouldn't have to move when Cushing returns. Diles does, however, have experience at SLB, having manned the position before Cushing came to town and/or before Diles kicked himself and broke his own leg in 2008, and one wonders whether Bentley can handle starter's snaps at SLB.

Option Four is certainly the most intriguing of all, but I have a hard time believing Kubes and Frank Bush would move a second-year DE who's still developing and learning that position to SLB for four weeks.

What would you do if you were Kubes and/or Frank Bush?