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Things To Look For in OTAs Without The Word "Cushing" Involved...

<em><strong>Slaton's progress will have major ramifications on how this years roster will look. Expect to see many eyes on his performance as OTA's start today.</strong></em>
Slaton's progress will have major ramifications on how this years roster will look. Expect to see many eyes on his performance as OTA's start today.

I am pretty confident when I make the statement that most of Texans nation is pretty sick of hearing about the Brian Cushing saga. Well, with Organized Team Activities starting today at approximately 10:45 a.m. Houston time, you would think we could actually get to talk about football for a change. But I doubt it. Like I said in my podcast this weekend, I am about sick of hearing about it and I just want to talk about some football already.

This is the first time I can recall members of ESPN and the national media planning to be in attendance at a Texans' OTA. And we all wish it was for different reasons, but we should know better. All you're going to hear about is Brian Cushing. But, there's hope for us actual Texans fans because there is plenty to talk about and watch out for that doesn't involve Cush at all.

First, there is an opportunity to see Kareem Jackson, Ben Tate and all of the Texans' 2010 draft picks get their first action in as official members of the team. It'll be interesting to see Jackson's early cover skills as well as seeing if Ben Tate's play is as enthusiastic as he has been about it on Twitter since being drafted in the second round. Then there is Trindon Holliday, the pick that lots of fans have shown a keen interest in. It will be interesting to see what happens when he hits 88 miles per hour.

Another story will be to see how Steve Slaton looks in his first action since season-ending neck surgery last year. He won't be participating in contact drills, but just seeing if he looks healthy should be something. I think he's done, but I am hoping to be dead wrong. Also, reports on the progress of the trio of tight ends coming off surgery (Owen Daniels, Joel Dreessen and Anthony Hill) should provide some discussion.

One of the stories I will be most interested in is the battle for the right to be the Texans' field goal kicker in 2010. Kris Brown had a nightmare of a season in 2009 and who knows if he'll ever be able to shake that off. He had a horrible year in 2005 and shook it off to become almost automatic for three years straight before last season's meltdown. But with the signing of former Arizona Cardinals Pro Bowl kicker Neil Rackers, it should be a fiery competition. If I was a betting man, I'd bet on Rackers. I loved Kris Brown, but he certainly looked like he just lost it last year. Hard to come back from that. But who knows?  That's what camp is for.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of things to look out for today as OTAs start that don't involve the C-word (...Not THAT C-word, BFD...). Anything else in particular you guys will be looking out for? Sound off in the comments below.