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Andre Johnson Skips First Day Of OTAs

Good news, Houston fans! There's brand new, non-Cushing related drama surrounding your Houston Texans. And the player at the center of it is none other than the best freaking wide receiver on the planet!

John McClain fills us in:

Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson missed Monday's start of organized team activities because he is unhappy with his contract.

Johnson has five years remaining on his contract and will make a base salary of $5.8 million in 2010.

The OTAs are not mandatory like the June minicamp.

Although I'm sure you'll read/hear that this is somehow a sign of the apocalypse, I wouldn't get too revved up about it. The Texans got ahead of the curve when they made the wise decision to re-do 'Dre's contract back in March of 2007. There's been a significant increase in guaranteed money for star wideouts since then, culminating with Brandon Marshall's recent deal with the Dolphins. Andre Johnson is the best wide receiver in football, and he wants to be paid as such. Nothing to see here, folks.

Here's a bold prediction for you: Andre Johnson gets a new deal with new, big, guaranteed dollars by training camp. File this one under "Much Ado About Nothing."