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Comcast Presents: Andre Johnson Wants More Money, But He's Under Contract...Your Thoughts?

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Andre Johnson's missed the first two days of OTAs. While the workouts are voluntary, opinions vary about whether 'Dre should be missing any team activities, considering he's three (3) years into an eight-year/$60,000,000.00 deal he signed back in March 2007. Express yourself after the jump.

A little more than three (3) years ago, the Texans were proactive and signed Andre Johnson to an eight (8) year deal worth $60,000,000.00, with $15,000,000.00 in guaranteed money. While 'Dre still had a couple years left on his rookie deal, the Texans were smart to lock him up when they did; there's not a whole lot of debate on that. Andre Johnson certainly didn't have to sign the deal, but he did.

Now, in light of the recent big money deals given to Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall (among others), 'Dre wants a mulligan. How does that strike you? Considering that the only promises in NFL contracts come in the form of guaranteed money, should players be able to renegotiate while under contract? Or do you adhere to the notion that a contract is a contract? Vote in the Poll and elaborate in the Comments.

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