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Andre Johnson Hires New Agent

No more advice from family for 'Dre. He's retained Kennard McGuire to represent him in his efforts to get a new or modified deal from your Houston Texans. McGuire's most recent pelt on the wall is Brandon Marshall's extension with Miami; he should also be known to Texans fans as the man who negotiated Apostrophe Davis' deal to stay in Houston two years ago.

I don't see this having much of an effect on the eventual resolution of this situation. I thought 'Dre would get additional money before he hired McGuire, and I think he'll get additional money now that he's hired McGuire. What the development does do, however, is show the Texans that 'Dre is serious (if there ever was a doubt) about getting something done. Instead of getting advice from his uncle, a non-agent, AJ brought in a professional. He brought in the guy who got Brandon Marshall--a WR who's not as accomplished as Andre Johnson, unless the accomplishments we're talking about are instances of insubordination and/or appearances on a police blotter--paid. No doubt McGuire's going to do the same for 'Dre, all the while pointing at Marshall's contract as evidence of where the market is.

Get the checkbook out, Rick.