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Comcast Presents: What Happened To Fred Bennett?

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Jerome Solomon's column in today's Chronicle got me thinking again about something that I've pondered often over the last two years. Namely, what in the blue hell happened to Fred Bennett?

A fourth-round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, Bennett was the Texans' best corner in '07. Then, for reasons beyond me, he was horrendous in '08 and barely saw the field in 2009. What happened between 2007 and now (or 2008, if you prefer) to transform Fred Bennett from excellent rookie contributor to likely camp fodder?

It's not like the Texans have gotten significantly better in the secondary since 2007. While there's been a lot of turnover, I don't think there's been a sizable leap in the talent at cornerback position, and certainly not to the degree that it explains Bennett's fall from grace; your opinion may vary. Or is Bennett's decline simpy the result of teams getting tape on him and exploiting his weaknesses? Whatever reason, it appeared as though Bennett became the pigskin Steve Blass, seemingly losing his cornerback skills overnight. Now, with a glut of competition at his position, it looks highly unlikely that Fred Bennett will be a Houston Texan come Week One of the 2010 season. Considering how impressive he was as a rookie and the hopes we had for him just a few years ago, that's mind-boggling.

What say you, BRB? Share your measured analysis or insane conspiracy theories in the Comments below.

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